Forthcoming Events

What to do about your pre-registered roofs?

Tuesday 23 February, 14.00 – 17.00, Riverside Church Centre in Exeter

This event is for community energy groups who have pre-registered roofs and want to:

1.       Find out what needs to be done and how to make it happen

2.      Understand the finance options and risks to delivery

3.      Explore the importance of community engagement and marketing

4.     Consider timelines – for finance, procurement, delivery, and engagement

The Community Energy Accelerator assisted 8 community energy organisations to pre-register rooftops for solar PV in September 2015, this means these projects have 8 months to be completed if they are to benefit from the higher Feed in Tariff (FIT) rates; the FIT has now been severely cut. To run community share offers to raise the money and get an installer to commission these projects before the 29 September would be very challenging. An alternative solution could be to get a short term loan, and raise the money through a share offer later or alongside, so that the project is installed before the deadline. The problem is that there are very few lenders who will lend the amount of money needed to organisations with little or no track record.

So what are the options? At this event you will hear from:
 • Jake Burnyeat from Communities for Renewables CIC who is an expert in financial models for community energy,
•     Andrew Shadrake from DARE who has supported many groups with their pre-registration,
•     Plymouth Energy Community (PEC) who has extensive experience of running community share offers,
•     Sonya Bedford from Stephens Scown who is a legal expert and will cover crowd funding, and
•     Jodie Giles from Regen who will help you explore the options for engaging early and marketing your share offer effectively.

This event is kindly funded by Devon County Council and is a partnership event by DARE, PEC, DCC and Regen.